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Consigli dal Camp (Aprile 2019)

Adoro leggere le email che vengono inviate giornalmente durante un NaNoWriMo. Spesso contengono consigli utili per scrittori o aspiranti scrittori. In questo topic posterò per voi le citazioni più belle del Camp Care Package di questo mese!

Citazione:Everyone gets stuck. Five novels written and, still, sometimes I stare at the screen or page, mind blank. When that happens, I close my eyes. I imagine two of my characters in a room and let them talk. About anything. Sports. Weather. Groceries. Socks.

Eventually, they’ll stop discussing scores, rain, laundry, and who forgot milk and get back to the plot. Sometimes chit-chat turns into plot points. A rained-out game ruins an alibi, a suspect is spotted in the dairy aisle, a clue found at the laundromat. Next time you’re stuck, eavesdrop on your characters.

Author Alexia Gordon
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Citazione:Your mind’s blank, your characters mute. Don’t fear. (We left fear stranded in the woods, remember?) Borrow Chekov’s gun.

Chekov wrote, “don’t put a loaded gun onstage if no one’s going to fire it” (only more eloquently and in Russian). What he meant was, don’t make false promises to readers. What I mean is, that gun requires your characters to (re)act.

Do they pick it up? Call the police? Hide it from the police? Decide how they react. Write it. If guns aren’t for you, use Chekov’s doorbell or Chekov’s phone call. Any event that requires a reaction works.
Author Alexia Gordon
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Visto che gli ultimi consigli sono interessanti ma non a sufficienza da farmi venir voglia di inserirli in questo topic, mentre attendiamo qualcosa di nuovo, vi lascio un gioiellino dell'anno scorso:

Citazione:This is a secret I wish I’d been told a long time ago. It's significantly easier to start writing on a half-finished sentence or scene, allowing you to easily pick up where you left off and quickly get back in the zone. Equally, if I finish a chapter, I always make a start on the next one while the writing juices are flowing, no matter how tempting it is to stop there. That way, I don't start my next session staring at the blank page of a new chapter.
Author Taran Matharu

Ottimo consiglio, non trovate? Dovrei cominciare a seguirlo anch'io!
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Ieri son stata tutto al giorno a Novara con l'associazione in cui sono volontaria, quindi oggi vi lascio ben due citazioni. La prima è perfetta per aiutare noi aspiranti autori ad aumentare la fiducia in noi stessi, mentre la seconda è un ottimo consiglio.

Citazione:I hear people use the phrase “aspiring writer” a lot. But writing isn’t something you aspire to; if you write, you’re a writer, pure and simple! Remind yourself of that, and take your work seriously.
Author Adib Khorram

Citazione:I’m a firm believer that you have to be a reader to be a writer. Find yourself stuck? Go read something to rekindle that creative fire. Something in the same genre, something in a different genre. Something that excites and inspires you. Something that reminds you why you want to write.
Author Adib Khorram
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Citazione:One of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself as a writer is permission to change course. It can be scary to admit to yourself something is not working; it can feel like you’ve wasted time and words. But you haven’t! You’ve learned and grown and you know what DOESN’T work, which means you’re a lot closer to learning what DOES.
Author Adib Khorram
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Citazione:Whenever I feel stuck in my writing I go right back to my characters and ask, “What is it that they want more than anything? What are they afraid of?” I keep asking questions and it reminds me of their journey.
Author Lilliam Rivera
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Citazione:Inspire yourself by seeing something you’ve never seen before. It doesn’t have to be a wild adventure: If you usually walk clockwise around the park, try going widdershins. What can you notice about the trees and flowers that you couldn’t from another vantage point? If you usually write in one coffee shop, visit another. How does the character of the location change? Stare at the ceiling or the stars until you notice a pattern that’s never caught your eye before. What does it remind you of?

Sometimes the brain needs a refresher, and a bit of newness in your world can be just the thing to reboot your creative thinking.
Author Cass Morris
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Citazione:“The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.” —Terry Pratchett

These are the words I remind myself of when I feel like a draft has lost all aim and focus. A final project needs to be tight and trim; the initial draft can be loose and gloriously messy.

Give yourself permission to explore, even if it may not serve your eventual end goal. Drafting is the time to wander the world. You might info-dump, you might create an irrelevant tangent, you might create contradictory scenes. That’s all okay! The process is important in its own right.
Author Cass Morris
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Citazione:When I get stuck on a story, I often try switching to a different point of view—a side character, or even introducing someone new to the plot, someone with a different background and personality than the characters whose heads I’ve been in.

This might not be material you end up using, especially if you’re writing a single or limited POV story, but just getting into another brain for a bit can help to shake things loose. The new perspective might help you figure out what wasn’t working before!

It’s also a great reminder that every character is the hero of their own story, even if they’re the villain or sidekick in someone else’s. Spending some time in their heads can help you create a full cast of characters with real emotional veracity.
Author Cass Morris
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Citazione:Other people are a fantastic resource. When you’re out in the world, listen to the stories they tell, even in the smallest snippets.

I was at a store last week with a bubbly manager who confessed she was worried her lipstick was starting to flake, because the area rep was coming in and she didn’t want to look like she didn’t have her act together. I got all that information in the time it took to check out! And it’s a great character detail—a window into her life, what she considers important, and how her anxiety manifests.

Watch and listen, wherever you are. Every interaction is an opportunity to spice your writing with details to make your characters come alive.
Author Cass Morris
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